NE 181st Street Sidewalk Improvements (65th Avenue NE – 67th Avenue NE)

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Kent Vaughan
Senior Civil Engineer
(425) 398-8900



NE 181st Street Sidewalk Improvements (65th Avenue NE - 67th Avenue NE)


Current Status:


Design / Permitting:  Complete


Construction:  September – October 2019

Construction is now substantially complete. Remaining work includes installing long lead items such as street and pedestrian light poles and handrail, and completing final paint striping of the roadway. There may be intermittent one lane closures controlled by flaggers to complete this work. Any questions regarding the project should be directed to the City's project manager Kent Vaughan at 425-984-6151.



Consistent with the City’s Sidewalk Program, the City applied for grants in 2016 to secure funding to build sidewalk improvements along the north side of NE 181st Street from 65th Avenue NE to 67th Avenue NE in the heart of downtown.  In 2017, the City was awarded a Washington State Transportation Improvement Board (TIB) Sidewalk Program grant to fund the project.  The project team is currently designing the sidewalk improvements.  An open house meeting was held in the summer of 2018 to update the public on design progress.  Construction is scheduled for spring-summer of 2019.  


Project Description:

The purpose of this project is to provide a safe, comfortable pedestrian facility with downtown amenities along the north side of NE 181st Street between 65th Avenue NE and 67th Avenue NE.  The project includes the design and construction of curb & gutter, sidewalk, planter strips, street trees, parallel parking stalls, curb ramps, street and pedestrian lighting, asphalt widening, driveways, storm drainage, utility relocation, and retaining walls.

In March 2018, City Council selected the preferred design concept The large sycamore tree across from the King County library will be preserved with the project.



The project budget is $805,205.  Project funding is provided by the Washington State Transportation Improvement Board (TIB) sidewalk program and the City of Kenmore.


TIB funds: $535,132 (67%)

City funds: $270,073 (33%)




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