NE 202nd Street Safe Routes to School

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John Vicente
Capital Projects Manager
(425) 984-6154
Current Status:


OPEN HOUSE: March 8, 2016  Click the file under "documents" to the left for more information


Design Start: October 2015
Construction Start:  Summer 2017




The City of Kenmore conducted a study in 2008 of the 68th Avenue NE/NE 202nd Street corridor, which extends both to the south and north of the proposed project area and identified it as a key pedestrian safety corridor and a direct access route to Kenmore Junior High School.   The City of Kenmore has completed the 2014 Transportation Element update to the comprehensive plan.  In that plan the City has identified 68th Avenue NE and NE 202nd Street as a critical non-motorized corridor.   The City has also worked with the school district and the community to identify high priority non-motorized improvements in the area.

The proposed improvements will help the City of Kenmore take another step towards completing this key pedestrian corridor linking the central business district, neighborhoods, and Kenmore Junior High School. Since 2012 the City has systematically been completing the improvements required along the corridor.  The improvements along this section of NE 202nd Street will significantly improve the pedestrian access and safety for all users especially the students walking to/from Kenmore Junior High.


Project Description:


Proposed improvements along NE 202nd Street between NE 198th Street and 66th Avenue NE include the construction of Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) compliant sidewalk along the west side of the NE 202nd Street providing a continuous pedestrian facility to Kenmore Junior High School from NE 198th Street.  A bike lane is proposed along the west side as well. There will be a new marked pedestrian crossing at the intersection of NE 202nd Street and 66th Avenue NE.  New curb ramps will also be installed at this intersection.  Staff will be looking at the intersection and ways to reconfigure it to provide a safer crossing for pedestrians.

Improvements along 66th Avenue NE include a new sidewalk along both  sides of the roadway extending from Ne 202nd Street to Kenmore Junior High School, connecting to the existing sidewalk in front of the school.




The City has received a Safe Routes to Schools Program grant in the amount of $814,056 for this project. Total project cost for this project is estimated to be $1,017,000.

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