62nd Ave NE Roundabouts

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Tobin Bennett-Gold, PE
Traffic Engineer
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Design Plan - 62nd/196th

Design Plan - 62nd/197th

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Current Status:

This project is now complete. Roundabouts have been installed intersections of 62nd Avenue with 196th and 197th Streets. 



The project was a result of the City's Neighborhood Transportation Plan program (NTPP) and was funded by the City Council in the 2015-16 budget.  The project was identified and developed in collaboration with the "Yellow North" neighborhood.  The project was delayed to mid-2017 to provide additional opportunities for public feedback and notification.



The project will install mini-roundabouts at the intersections of 62nd Avenue with 196th and 197th Streets.  The project addresses concerns raised through the NTPP regarding vehicle yielding and speeds through these intersections.  During the public feedback period, concerns were raised about pedestrian space for the school bus stop at 62nd Avenue and NE 196th Street.  Accommodations were made in the design in response to these concerns.  The center island of each roundabout will be a fully mountable circle, 12' in diameter.  The rest of the roundabout (including "splitter" islands) will be created with painted striping and raised reflective pavement markers.  Signage and on-pavement markings will guide drivers through the roundabouts.  The 3-legged intersections and scope of the project (which did not include changes to the edges of pavement or right-of-way acquisition) necessitated the off-center location of each center circle.  Iron Creek Construction LLC will be performing the work on behalf of the City.


Information on driving in roundabouts can be found at this link: www.wsdot.wa.gov/safety/roundabouts/



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