Light Up Kenmore Home Decorating Contest

Kenmore residents are encouraged to decorate their home and enter the inaugural Holiday Home Decorating Contest. Untangle those lights, pull out the inflatables, and get decorating! Categories will include Most Creative, Judge’s Choice, and Best Neighborhood Effort.



  • Home must be located within Kenmore city limits.
  • Contest Applications are due by noon on Monday, December 12.
  • Judging will take place on Tuesday, December 13 after 5:00 p.m. Please make sure your lights and displays are turned on.
  • Decorations must be visible from a travelable street, as judges will not exit the vehicle to view decorations.
  • Addresses of all entered homes will be included on the Holiday Home Decorating Contest list.
  • Winning homes will receive a decorative yard sign displaying the award category and a mention on our Facebook page.




This year, the City of Kenmore hosted the Inaugural Light up Kenmore Holiday Home Decorating Contest. Kenmore residents were encouraged to decorate their homes to be judged on the following categories: Judge’s Choice, Most Creative, and Best Neighborhood Effort. We would like to acknowledge and congratulate those who participated in this year’s contest. Go for a walk or a drive to check out your neighbors’ elegant decorations! 



Winner: Judge’s Choice


Resident: Waldo Nambo

Address: 5546 NE 182nd St S


Winner: Most Creative


Resident: Jessica and Doug Chisholm

Address: 19625 66th Pl NE



Best Neighborhood Effort


Resident: Christina Parish

Address: 18716 68th Ave NE


Honorable Mention


Resident: Larry and Susie Ormbrek

Address: 17423 83rd Ct NE


Honorable Mention


Resident: Jim and Becca Kim

Address: 6632 NE 191st St


Last updated: Tue, 12/20/2016 - 4:30pm