Tolt Trail Project

Staff Contact

Zack Richardson
Civil Engineer
(425) 398-8900

Current conditions

Current Status:

The City re-opened the completed trail in early May.



The project is included as part of the City’s Parks, Recreations, & Opens Space Plan (PROS Plan) and was originally funded in the 2013-2014 budget.  The project was delayed to further investigate potential wetland concerns and to ensure proper coordination with the City of Seattle, who owns the property where the trail will be constructed.



The project improved the existing foot trail within the Seattle-owned right-of-way for the Tolt pipelines, between 68th Ave NE and 73rd Ave NE.  The work included installation of storm drains, raising the elevation of the trail, and paving a 10’ asphalt trail with 2’ gravel shoulders.  Trimaxx Construction performed the work on behalf of the City.

Prior conditions


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