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Current Status:

Current conditions

2017: Project Planning and Early Design
2018/19: Grant Applications, Environmental Review Design
2020/22: Final Design, Permitting & Bidding
2023: Construction


Status Update: January 1, 2020

Squire’s Landing Park Geotechnical Exploration

To support the proposed Squire’s Landing Park Waterfront Access Improvements project, geotechnical exploration is needed to identify soil conditions at proposed locations for pedestrian bridge footings and locations for piles to support the elevated walkways.  The work requires two phases. Phase 2 is scheduled Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday January 6, 7 and 8 from 7:00 a.m. – 7:00 p.m.  to complete two auger borings at two locations inside the designated wetlands.  Phase 1 work was completed September 2019.  Information will also be posted at Squires Landing Park on the two project signs.


Summary of Geotechnical Exploration Work


Thank you for your input! Public Comment Period for Land Conversion has now closed 

Approximately 19 acres of Squires Landing Park was originally acquired for King County with state grant Recreation and Conservation Office (RCO) funding.  RCO required the land be retained for urban wildlife habitat and passive recreation.  In order to deliver publicly requested improvements to the park, the City will be improving seven acres total. Of that seven acres, the City needs to use 1.5 acres for the park plaza, restrooms, parking lot, and walkway, which does not meet the original RCO requirements.  In order to use this 1.5 acres, we need to purchase comparable land somewhere else in Kenmore.  Learn more about our Land Conversion Proposal


Update 3/26/18:

On Thursday, March 22, the City of Kenmore hosted an Open House on the Walkways and Waterways Squire's Landing and Log Boom Park projects. Thirty-five citizens attended the meeting to learn about project design refinements and engaged with designers and planners to have their questions answered. See below to view the meeting materials:


On its Monday, March 19 meeting, Kenmore City Council was presented with a Walkways and Waterways - Squire's Landing Park project update from City staff. See below to view the meeting materials:




This project is part of The Walkways & Waterways approved ballot measure, and the result of the City’s “Imagine Kenmore” public outreach initiative. Kenmore residents confirmed that safe routes for pedestrians and cyclists and connecting residents with the City’s public open space and waterfront are top priorities.

Squire’s Landing Park is located at 7353 NE 175th Street in Kenmore. This waterfront park features .65 acres with over 150 lineal feet of shoreline access to the Sammamish River and Swamp Creek in addition to a 40+ acre area of undeveloped open space.  Squire's Landing is host to youth and adult canoe, kayak and dragon boat programs. Squire's Landing is named in honor of Watson Squire, an early Kenmore developer who had visions for a local waterfront park in the early 1900s.


Project Description:

Seven-acre project to improve public water access to the Sammamish River. Improvements will include new elevated walkways, trails, and viewpoints, as well as natural open space and other environmental enhancements. The project will also add new boating facilities including docks, ramps, and staging areas for hand-powered watercraft; parking; and a restroom.

A new float has been installed at Squire's Landing Park, an early success for the remaining improvements that are scheduled for construction in 2023. To view the project page, visit here.



Walkways and Waterways Bond Measure $5,150,000

Estimated Admin / AE / Permitting $1,770,000

Beginning Project Budget $3,338,000

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