Asphalt Overlay Program

The City of Kenmore Asphalt Overlay is an annual street maintenance program in which selected streets are repaved along with repair and improvement to curbs, sidewalks and wheelchair ramps to meet Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requirements. Here is what to expect during a typical asphalt overlay project:


Phase 1 - Prep work. Prior to paving, the contractor's crew will repair deteriorating sections of pavement, grade the shoulders to expose the edge of asphalt, trim any low overhanging trees or shrubs that will be in the way for the dump trucks, and perform any other work necessary to prepare the roadway surface for paving.


Phase 2 - Grinding and paving. Up to seven days before the overlay paving begins, crews will grind the transition joints, side streets, and curbs. Paving work requires numerous pieces of heavy equipment to haul, place and roll the asphalt. Due to the nature of paving and the amount of equipment needed, the work zone can be quite lengthy and will cause significant traffic delays during construction hours.


Phase 3 - Traffic markings and other work. In the days following the paving, crews will be on site to perform work such as installing traffic markings, placing crushed rock along gravel shoulders and driveways, and adjusting utility valves and manhole covers. Drivers can expect delays during these activities but these delays are generally much shorter than those experienced during the grinding and paving phase.


Always watch for equipment, flaggers, and workers along the road when driving through a work zone, and expect reduced speed limits. We appreciate your patience while the paving is underway. Crews will make every attempt to work efficiently and effectively. On the higher volume arterial roadways, the contractor will place variable message boards to give motorists advanced notice of possible paving delays.


If you have comments or questions about these projects, please contact the Public Works Department at 425-398-8900.



Last updated: Fri, 06/17/2016 - 12:52pm