Be Alert & Arrive Safely: Northshore Schools Back in Session

Northshore Schools start today! Now, more than ever it is important for you to pay attention to the road, especially when children are present. There will be more vehicles on the road, more buses, and more people walking and biking to our schools. Keep in mind the following tips while driving in Kenmore:

  • Speed is restricted to 20 miles per hour when children are present in Kenmore school zones.
  • While dropping off children, please do not double-park. This limits your visibility of children walking around vehicles, and their visibility of other vehicles as well. To reduce traffic and save time, consider carpooling with other families in your neighborhood.
  • All crossing roadways are crosswalks, even those not marked. Drivers should stop for all pedestrians in the roadway, no matter whose turn it may be. 
  • If you observe a child biking, please give them at least 3 feet space while driving by. Allow children plenty of time to make a turn and wait for them to pass you before you turn as they may be alarmed by your actions. 
  • Check your mirrors before opening your car doors.

Everyone can help set a good example and keep Kenmore’s school zones safe. Thank you for your safety efforts, and remember, 'Courtesy is Contagious in Kenmore!"

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Last updated: Wed, 09/06/2017 - 10:45am