Forms Library

The forms are divided into the categories shown below. Please note that a permit application (form #101) is always paired with the corresponding checklist. The application provides project and contact information while the checklist provides a list of required documents or review materials for the submittal.

  • 100 Series: General
  • 200 Series: Planning
  • 300 Series: Engineering
  • 400 Series: Building
  • 500 Series: Informational Handouts (101 not required)
  • 700 Series: Bonds and Agreements (101 not required)
  • 900 Series: Comprehensive Plan (101 not required)
  • Bond Quantity Worksheets (101 not required)


100 Series: General

101: Permit Application

102: Supplemental Permit Application

103: Permit Revision Application

104: Permit Renewal or Extension Application

105: Preapplication Conference

110: Request for City Hall Meeting Facility Use Application

111: Special Events Permit Application

130: Solicitor - Canvassing Registration Application

140: Business License Application

141: Massage Practitioner License Application

142: Massage Practitioner License Renewal Application


200 Series: Planning

Comprehensive Plan & Development Regulation Amendment Applicants

201: Site Plan Review Permit Checklist

202: Boundary Line Adjustment Checklist

203: Preliminary Long Plat Checklist

204: Final Long Plat Checklist

205: Preliminary Short Plat Checklist

206: Final Short Plat Checklist

207: Binding Site Plan Checklist

208: Shoreline Conditional Use Checklist

209: Shoreline Exemption Checklist

210: Shoreline Substantial Development Permit Checklist

211: Shoreline Variance Checklist

SEPA Environmental Checklist

213: Critical Areas Variance Checklist

214: Public Agency and Utility Exception Checklist

215: Reasonable Use Exception Checklist

216: Conditional Use Checklist

217: Zoning Variance Checklist

218: Special Use Permit Checklist

219: Temporary Use Permit Checklist

220: Accessory Dwelling Unit Checklist

221: Home Occupation Permit Checklist

223: Downtown Design Checklist

225: Rezone Checklist

226: Wireless Communication Facility - Conditional Use Checklist

227: Wireless Communication Facility - Major Adjustment Checklist

229: Wireless Communication Checklist

230: Wireless Communication Facility - Minor Adjustment Checklist


300 Series: Engineering

301: Engineering Permit Checklist

302: Grading Permit Checklist

303: Tree Removal Checklist

304: Right-of-Way Use Checklist

310: Road Standards Variance Request

311: Wet Season Grading Variance Checklist

314: Traffic Impact Analysis Guidelines


400 Series: Building

401: Commercial and Multi-Family Checklist

402: Single-Family Checklist

402.1 Master Single-Family Checklist

402.2 Basic Single-Family Checklist

403: Accessory Structure Checklist

404: Reroof Checklist

405: Demolition Checklist

406: Deck Checklist

407: Single-Family Addition/Alteration Checklist

410: Plumbing Checklist

411: Mechanical Checklist

412: Sign Checklist

414: Retaining Wall Checklist

417: Storm Water Detention Facilities Checklist

428: Eligible Communication Facility Modifications (ECFM) Checklist

430: Special Inspections Agreement

432: Notice of Construction Hours Sign


500 Series: Informational Forms

Environmentally Critical Areas Report Requirements - Streams, Wetland,etc. (Critical Areas Ordinance Appendix A)

Environmentally Critical Areas Report Requirements - Geologically hazardous Areas (Critical Areas Ordinance Appendix B)

503: Guide to Developing a Tree Management and Protection Plan & Tree Protection During Construction (Specifications)

509: Engineering Improvement Requirements

Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife (WDFW) Hydraulic Project Approval (HPA) Informational Pamphlet

Small Site Drainage Covenant


700 Series: Bonds and Agreements

701.1 Assignment of Funds

701.2 Cash Deposit

701.3 Surety Bond

702 Agreement to work in the ROW and-or Construct Site Improvements

703 Agreement to Install Landscaping

704 Agreement to Install Recreation Space Improvements

705 Agreement to Restore Critical Areas

706 Agreement to Complete Plat Improvements within Two Years from Date 

707 Two Year Maintenance and Defect Agreement for Roads, Drainage Facilities and Site Improvements

708 Agreement to Maintain Landscaping

709 Agreement to Preserve Protect and-or Replace Trees

723 Telecommunications Affidavit

725 ROW Encroachment Covenant


Comprehensive Plan

901 & 902 Comprehensive Plan & Development Regulation Amendment Application (2020 Docket)


Bond Quantity Worksheets

Critical Areas Bond Quantity Worksheet

Landscaping (excluding recreation space) Bond Quantity Worksheet

Recreation Space Bond Quantity Worksheet

Site Improvement Bond Quantity Worksheet

Tree Management Bond Quantity Worksheet



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