House Check Program

Staff Contact

Brandon J. Moen

Police Chief





House Check Request Form

The Kenmore Police Department has enlisted several citizen volunteers to assist us with various community programs, including house checks. Volunteers will be driving a marked traffic safety car and wearing jackets that identify them as City volunteers.


The House Check Program is available to Kenmore residents who are planning to be out of town for one week or longer. While you are away, a Kenmore Police Volunteer will check the exterior of your residence, several times a week; to ensure the doors and windows are secured and have not been damaged. In the event a door or window is found open or damaged, a Police Officer will be dispatched to check your residence. We will then contact either you, or a person you have designated on the form, to respond and secure the residence


This program does not relieve any resident from taking the necessary steps to ensure their house is properly secured. Here are some helpful hints to take before leaving town:

  • Contact one or two trusted neighbors or family members and let them know what your itinerary will be and give them a phone numbers to each place you plan on staying. It would be helpful to leave a key, so your neighbor or family member can access your home in case of an emergency. If your house has an alarm give the code to them so the alarm can be de-activated if it goes off.
  • You should have the Post Office hold your mail or have your neighbor/family member pick it up daily.
  • You should have the newspaper stopped or have it picked up daily.
  • Leaving a light on inside the house is a good idea. This can be accomplished either by plugging a lamp, or two, into a timer or have a neighbor/family member turn them on/off daily.
  • Make sure your neighbor/family member takes care of the garbage, usually for the first week you're gone.
  • If you are going to be gone for several weeks it’s a good idea to have someone take care of your lawn.
  • Make arrangements for someone to take care of your pets that are left behind and be sure to indicate what type of pet and where they are located on the property.
  • If you are going to be gone for an extended time you might want to consider turning off the power and water off to your hot water heater and washing machine.


If you want to take advantage of this program please contact the Kenmore Police Department.

Last updated: Fri, 01/03/2020 - 2:24pm