Kenmore Junior High School Student Academy

The Kenmore Police Department sponsors a Junior High Student Academy’s each school year. The academy gives students an introduction to police work and allows them an opportunity to interact with the officers and to participate with several 'hands on' activities.


The classes are offered for seven weeks after school in the fall and spring. Students will learn about the following subjects:

  • Police Patrol Procedures - Patrolling Kenmore’s street and responding to emergencies are the core of our efforts to keep citizens safe. In this class, students will learn the different ways we patrol, how officers and dispatchers prioritize calls for service, what equipment is in a police car and how officers train for patrol work.
  • Crime Scene Investigations - Students will talk with officers about investigation crimes like stolen cars and burglaries. Each student will get to use a latent fingerprint kit and will learn how to dust for fingerprints.
  • Canine - This is a great opportunity to meet some of our dogs and their human partners. Our police dogs are incredibly hard workers and are very valuable to police work. They track criminals, find missing people, and use their noses to find drugs another evidence. Students will learn how we train them and why they are so special.
  • Marine Patrol - Did you know that Kenmore has 16,137 feet of shoreline along Lake Washington, and the police enforce the laws on the water? In this class, students will meet the officers who patrol the lake, find out what it’s like to ride the waves, save swimmers and boaters, and make sure people are safe on our lakes. Bonus - students will get to go for a ride on one of the marine patrol boats as part of the class.
  • Major Accident Response and Reconstruction (MARR) - Some detectives respond to traffic accidents and determine what happened by using math, computers, and other tools. Students will learn how they do their work.
  • Traffic Enforcement - Kenmore has its own traffic officer. Find out how important traffic enforcement is and see the types of radars and how they work. Students will get a chance to operate a radar gun.
  • Air Unit - Students will find out how police work is done in the air. The King County Sheriff’s helicopter, Guardian One, will fly out to the school and land on the football field so each student can see all of the equipment and learn how important an eye in the sky can be.


Applications are available in the school's main office. Each class is limited to a maximum of 12 students. Students must have their parent’s permission and arrange for their own transportation home.

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