Lakepointe Development

                                                            Aerial of Lakepointe and surrounding properties

The Lakepointe project is a proposal for a mixed-use development, which will be built in phases on approximately 50+ acres on Lake Washington where the Sammamish River enters the lake. The site is just east of the Kenmore Air Harbor Seaplane terminal.

Lakepointe is intended to integrate different land uses and activities in a complementary manner to minimize the conflicts and integrate the usage among residents, shoppers, vehicles, pedestrians and cyclists. The mixed-use nature of this development will provide almost a mile of Lake Washington and Sammamish River channel shoreline public access.

Lakepointe is not a new proposal and has undergone significant public review since 1989. The proposed development was included in the Northshore Community Plan that was adopted in 1993 by the King County Council. A Lakepointe Citizen Task Force met for several years and worked with the developer to provide public support and extensive input into the design and implementation of the proposal.

Project Status:

As authorized by Council and the Extension and Funding agreement pertaining to the Lakepointe site Commercial Site Development Permit (CSDP), the City contracted with HR&A Advisors (HR&A) to analyze the economic impacts that may result from the proposed Lakepointe project.  The City consulted with other experts to review, analyze and provide additional input on the materials and study prepared by HR&A.  Brian O'Connor with O'Connor Consulting Group, LLC, assisted with the market analysis, valuations and rates.  Adam Wirthlin with Wirthlin Consulting Group assisted with the horizontal and infrastructure costs.

HR&A Advisors (HR&A) has prepared a memo that gives a summary of the Feasibility & Benefits Findings (Exhibit A).  HR&A gave an update on the Feasibility & Benefits Study (Exhibit B) at the August 13, 2018 City Council Special meeting and will be back in September to discuss further.  The developer, Weidner Apartment Homes, also gave an update on the Lakepointe project at the August 13th City Council Special meeting and will also return in September for further discussion.

The Feasibility & Benefits Study (Exhibit B) analyzed three development scenarios:

1. The existing CSDP project with 1,200 residential units, 175,000 sqft of office space, 277,000 sqft of retail space, 150 room hotel, marina and 3,532 parking spaces;

2. Weidner's proposed project with 2,000 residential units, 600,000 sqft of office space, 126,000 sqft of retail space, 150 room hotel and 5,003 parking spaces which includes three 25-story high-rise buildings;

3. HR&A Alternative with 1,650 residential units, 357,000 sqft of office, 126,000 of retail, no hotel and 3,284 parkings spaces with only one 25-story high-rise building for offices.

Except for the undercrossing of SR-522 at 67th Ave, the analyses did not include off-site transportation for mitigation costs.

The Feasibility & Benefits Study conducted by HR&A demonstrated a financial gap.  The next steps for both the City and the developer is to continue working on the general agreement and evaluate ways to potentially reduce the financial gap.  For example, the developer can review alternative phasing; or the City could investigate financial tools available to help reduce the gap.  City staff and the Weidner team will be bringing this topic back to Council for possible direction and acceptance of the Feasibility & Benefits Study within the next month or two.





City Council authorized the City Manager to sign and execute the Lakepointe Commercial Site Development Plan (CSDP) and Transportation Mitigation Agreement (TMA) extension and funding agreement.


Special City Council Meeting where the potential developer gave an update on the project.

11/13/2017 City Council authorized the City Manager to sign and execute the amendment to the CSDP, TMA Extension & Funding Agreement


Lakepointe Documents Library:

November 1st, 2018 Weidner Suspends Parameter Agreement

September 11, 2018 City Council Study Session Agenda 

August 13, 2018 Weidner's Presentation to Council

Kenmore Lakepointe Feasibility Analysis Findings Memo - August 2, 2018

Kenmore Lakepointe HR&A Summary Briefing Book - August 1, 2018

April 19, 2017 Special Council Meeting Agenda

April 19, 2017 Weidner Presentation and Lakepointe Printable Story

Lakepointe Chronology of Key Events

Commercial Site Development Permit - August 13, 1998 and related Extensions

Lakepointe Mixed Use Development Master Plan - August 13, 1998

Shoreline Substantial Development Report and Decision - August 13, 1998

Dan Olsen Notice of Appeal - August 26, 1998

Dan Olsen Appeal - September 3, 1998

Hearing Examiners Decision - Olsen Appeal Denial of Lakepointe CSDP - December 11, 1998

Dan Olsen Statement of Appeal - February 4, 1999

Hearing Examiner's Decision on Appeal with Corrections - April 5, 1999

Dan Olsen Statement of Appeal - June 12, 2000

Hearing Examiner's Final Decision on Appeal - August 31, 2000

Dan Olsen Statement of Appeal on CSDP Extension - February 20, 2003

Hearing Examiner's Order of Dismissal of Appeal - March 21, 2003

Traffic Assessment Report from Transpo - November 8, 2006

Transportation Impact Analysis Final Report - June 27, 1997

Notice of Decision for Revised Supplemental Traffic Study - May 26, 2000

Avigation Easement - Kenmore Air & Pioneer Towing - August 30, 1996

Consent Decree - June 2001

Drainage Variance Permit B97A0214 - August 14, 1998

Final TIR submitted by KPFF Consulting Engineers - May 30, 1997

Final TIR submitted by AGRA Earth & Environmental - May 1997

Fisheries Resources Independent Analysis - May 19, 1998

Kenmore Industrial Park Final Clean Up Action Plan - August 13, 2001

Lakepointe Draft EIS - November 1997

Lakepointe Final EIS - July 1998

Lakepointe P-Suffix Conditions

Lakepointe Signed Consent Decree

Northshore Community Plan Update and Area Zoning - February 11, 1993

Northshore Community Plan Draft EIS - May 7, 1991

Northshore Community Plan Final EIS - December 7, 1992

Preliminary Draft Supplemental EIS - March 1997

TIR on Natural Resources - April 27, 1998

TIR on Natural Resources - May 30, 1997

Transportation Impact Analysis Final Report - June 27, 1997

Excerpts from Approved Lakepointe Plans


Additional Information:
For more information on the Lakepointe project, contact the City Manager, Rob Karlinsey and Development Services Director, Bryan Hampson at 425-398-8900.

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