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Want to work with the City of Kenmore? Below is a list of current projects for which the City of Kenmore is seeking bids, Request for Proposals, or Request for Qualifications. Each project notice contains instructions on how interested parties can obtain detailed information for the project. 

For public works related projects, visit the MRSC Roster. Contractors interested in bidding on public works projects should apply to be placed on the Small Public Works Roster. The City publishes request for proposals and/or qualifications in the Seattle Times and/or Seattle Daily Journal of Commerce. Bids are also made available on this page. Please check back for updates.


PROJECT NAME: Juanita Drive NE Pedestrian and Bicycle Improvements
(NE 143rd St to NE 170th St)
BID NUMBER: 20-C2144
BIDS DUE: April 28th, 2020 at 2:00 PM EXACTLY

Notice is hereby given that sealed bid proposals will be received by Kenmore City Clerk at the Kenmore City Hall, 18120 68th Avenue NE, Kenmore, Washington, 98028.  Bids are due no later than 2:00:00PM EXACTLY, Pacific local time, according to the clock at the City’s Front Reception Desk, April 28th, 2020, at which time bids for the above referenced project will be opened and publicly read.  Bid proposals received after this date and time will not be considered. for an award.

For a full copy of the bid, click here.




Rhododendron Park Boathouse

BID Number: 19-C2112

BIDS DUE: February 6, 2020 at 01:00:00PM, EXACTLY, PACIFIC LOCAL TIME

Public notice is hereby given that the City of Kenmore has issued the above-mentioned call for bids.  Complete details of the Call for Bids, including all plans and specifications, are available from the Builder’s Exchange web site at Click on “Posted Projects”, “Public Works”, “City of Kenmore”. Builder’s Exchange may also be contacted at 425-258-1303. 

For a full copy of the bid, click here.


Bid Results


Questions on the request for bids as of January 31st , 2020:

Q1: Are the mechanical, plumbing, and fire suppression systems by contractor design?

A1: Yes, the mechanical, plumbing, and fire suppression systems are by contractor design.


Q2: Is there a mandatory pre-bid meeting?

A2: There is no mandatory pre-bid meeting scheduled before bids are due on January 30th.


Q3: Can you confirm the working timelines for substantial and final completion of the project?

A3: The project should be at substantial completion by 90 days of the notice to proceed date, and final completion within 110 days.


Q4: What is the assumed contract notice to proceed date?

A4: The anticipated notice to proceed date is March 30th, 2020, though this may change after bids are opened on January 30th. The notice to proceed may be issued any time between February 13th and March 30th, 2020 but would only be changed from March 30th by agreement with the selected contractor.


Questions on the request for bids as of January 21st, 2020:

Q5: Where does the City of Kenmore post its bid documents?

A5: Builder’s Exchange of Washington –


Q6: Further clarification requested on the fire alarm system and the presence of a sprinkler system.

A6: The project will require a full coverage system, up to code, and with the requisite notification devices. The system will require 24/7 central station monitoring. There is no sprinkler system in the building. The system will need to be designed for automatic smoke detection and notification. Please direct any further questions to the Northshore Fire Marshall Jeff LaFlam at 425-354-1741 or


Q7: What are the specifications for the power panel and receptacles?

A7: The details for the electrical panel are in the utility area of plan A101. Interior utilities are to be designed by the Contractor.


Q8: Clarification is requested as to whether the boat shell storage racks are to be included as part of the base bid.

A8: The boat racks have been removed from the base bid.


Q9: Per the Critical areas report, Page 8, it notes that the required plantings for the area to south are to be planted between November and March.  Assuming a Notice To Proceed is issued on March 30th, this would occur after the required contractual completion date.  Is the intent to install the wetland plantings prior to March of 2019 or after November 2020?

A9: Substantial completion has been bumped back to within 130 Working Days. Wetland planting mitigation may occur after Substantial Completion per recommended seeding windows. All grading and seeding must occur prior to December 1, 2020.


Q10: In reviewing the boathouse project specifications and contract provisions with the metal building sole source fabricator, we have realized some concerns with the proposed schedule of the project.  As you are aware, your note is calling for substantial completion to be achieved 90 days from NTP issuance with final completion at 110 days.  In speaking with the building supplier, it is a 16-18 week process to have the building delivered per the below schedule.

18 weeks from the NTP would put the building delivery right at 90 days which is where substantial completion is called for.  This short timeframe gives us concern on incurring the liquidated damages.  Has there been any thought to adjustment of the schedule dates to accommodate the building fabrication lead time?

A10: Based on the updated timeline received from the building supplier, the city has updated the timeline for substantial completion to be achieved by 130 days from the NTP.


Q11: Clarification requested on previous experience working on 3-acre public projects.

A11: Language regarding previous experience on similar projects has been modified and the size restriction removed.


Questions on the request for bids as of January 28th, 2020:

Q12: What is the live load for the mezzanine?

A12: Live load is 100 psf. A note has been added to Sheet A001.


Q13: Site prep drawings refer to civil work being done under a “Roadway excavation project” but there is no such project scope defined anywhere.

A13: Edited notes on Site Prep sheet to refer to Spec Section on site demolition. Edited site demolition spec to include description of quarry spall removal and haul.


Q14: There is no topo map showing existing contour lines.  We know the new building finish floor is at 23.5’ but we do not have a starting point from where existing grade is.

A14: Added contour labels to sheet C011.


Q15: We do not know what to do with the quarry spall and how deep it is and to what elevation due to the site prep drawings not showing this and notes referring to a roadway contract.

A15: Added note that quarry spall depth is approximately 1 foot deep. Contractor to field verify.


Q16: Plumbing and building electrical drawings, fixture schedules, and performance spec from which subs should base a design-build approach on are requested. 

A16: Added a plumbing spec with additional plumbing criteria and fixture information.


Q17: Light fixture performance criteria requested.

A17: Additional light fixture information added to the specs.


Q18: Occupancy; Essential Facility IV or Standard Building II? 

A18: This will be Standard Building II


Q19: Wall details call for 6” girts. Can you confirm this is the correct size?

A19: The correct size are 8" girts. Wall detail drawing on sheet A001 has been updated in Addendum 2.


Q20: Alternate 2; porch detail 6 on sheet A 302, appears to have wood framing on metal building “C” girt. A support beam is required at this section, or do we leave an open area between lines 3 & 4 for stud wall framing?

A20: The wood is just blocking for the railing.  Balcony framing is noted to be bidder design, and the beam will need to be sized by a structural engineer.  No additional plan change on this item.


Q21: There is no indication of soffit panels in division 13 specifications. There is a line drawn on the drawings. What type of panel if soffit panels are required? 

A21: Soffit panel are not required.  The line is just showing structure beyond.


Q22: Future mezzanine Alternate 1. A modular column will be needed on line 2 and line B. What is the Live Load required and design for framing and floor system? 

A22: Live load is 100 psf, a note is added to Sheet A001.


Q23: Mezzanine at toilet rooms 102 and 103. If kept independent by having a stud wall at exterior wall this would save on loads to Metal Building. If not, what is the live load and framing design as well as floor system?

A23: Live load to be 100 psf


Q24: Girts scale out on drawings as 4 ft on center. Wall type detail had GWB on interior. Is there no hat channel? 

A24: 7/8" hat channel added to wall detail on sheet A001 for Addendum 2.


Q25: In the amended specifications for the PEMB it states no insulation for the walls and roof. However, on page 15of40 in the drawings it states R49 for the Roof and R21 for the walls. We are assuming the amendment governs.

A25: The insulation reference was removed from the plans in Addendum 1 to match the revised specs. No insulation for the roof as noted on the revised plans.


Q26: Wetland mitigation.  Per the Critical areas report, Page 8, it notes that the required plantings for the area to south are to be planted between November and March.  Assuming NTP is issued on March 30th, this would occur after the required contractual completion date.  Is the intent to install the wetland plantings prior to March of 2019 or after November 2020?

A26: Substantial completion has been adjusted to be within 130 Working Days. Wetland planting mitigation may occur after Substantial Completion per recommended seeding windows. All grading and seeding must occur prior to December 1, 2020.


Q27: There appears to be no finished hardware schedule. The end of the Finish Hardware specification 087100, page 11, paragraph 3.07 A. states that the Door Hardware Schedule is to be provided by the Architect. Will a hardware schedule will be provided prior to the bid date?

A27: Hardware schedule provided in Addenda 2.


Q28: A request to substitute the specified Crane Composite Glasbord with Nudo FiberLite.

A28: This request was approved.


Q29: How many people do you figure will be using the access locks in a given day?

A29: 12 would be a high average.


Q30: On sheet #5301 is shows mechanical couplers. Can these cages be placed full length?

A30: Placing full length is acceptable. Couplers are shown in the event it makes more sense for the contractor to splice the bars due to material availability. Couplers are not required but are optional at the contractor’s discretion.


Q31: Should there be a construction joint shown on the top of the shafts?

A31: Yes, a construction joint has been added to Addendum 3 plans.


Q32: Can you confirm what is included in Alternate 1?

A32: Alternate 1 includes all work associated with the provision and installation of the building as shown in the Plans on Sheets 30-36. This includes but is not limited to the building (without the 2nd level), interior utilities, exterior downlights, restrooms in building, windows, fire alarm system, boat racks, water fountain, garage doors, and utility sink. Essentially, Alt 1 is everything except the mezzanine level and the associated stairs/wheelchair lift.


Q33: Flooring – Is the gym flooring also lightweight concrete like the balcony? And is the laminate flooring solely for the bathrooms?

A33: Yes, the entire mezzanine/balcony area is lightweight concrete. Laminate flooring is solely for the bathrooms.


Q34: Do the pilings for the project need to be galvanized?

A34: Yes, on drawing S001 it states that where the coating has not been noted, furnish hot-DIP galvanizing of 6 MILS. The contractor may request an alternate coating material.

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